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Simi is a special app for your most important relationships, igniting emotional connection no matter where you are.✨​

Bring your home with you

When your home is on your phone, distance no longer matters. Simi brings you the familiar warmth and intimacy within the privacy of your chosen family.

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Intergenerational bonding made intuitive

This is not your mainstream social media. Simi is an inclusive space for all ages. Be sure to discover something new through every heartfelt interaction.​

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Invest in relationship

Like any kind of relationship, they need to be nurtured over time. Simi ignites emotional connection with who matters most to you - letting you cherish every moment together and be there for them, no matter where you are.

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Care for well-being delicately

Even the closest kin may miss some hints. Simi serves as a medium to subtly convey the most important messages about those you care about - their well-being.

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Our Story

It started off with a question on “how can we help seniors age happily, especially our own parents?” Since 2018, we have been on the search for an answer through various engagement activities, both online and offline. 

COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has accelerated our quest to come up with a solution. With lock-downs and restrictions, our daily engagement with our loved ones, especially those not staying with us, become even more challenging. Although the mainstream social media help us to stay connected somehow, we feel that we are still missing an important information – their emotional well-being.

Since then, we embarked on a journey to create a mobile application that serves as a private and inclusive digital space for tight-knit groups to share what truly matters to them. It’s “Simi App” – a digital space we call home We are a lean team, made up of working adults fueled with the passion to help families and communities connect meaningfully and care for each other’s emotional well-being. We are happy to share that Simi App Beta is now available for our family and friends, and therefore we would like to invite you to be part of this journey to co-create a unique and meaningful family experience with us. 
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Simi #SupportLocalSG

Simi supports local / home-based businesses in Singapore* by promoting products and services that can spark joy for our special someone!

If you know of any home-based businesses that may be a good fit, please contact us!

*If you are based out of Singapore, chat with us and let us help you do good for your community! 🤝

Our Team

We are a team of young adults who believes in technology’s ability in nurturing meaningful relationships. We love cats too!

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