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5 simple actions to make your grandparents happy

Here are 5 simple actions that you can do to make your grandparents happier!

National Grandparents Day is not a very common celebration across the world. Singapore┬ástarted celebrating Grandparents’ Day in 1979, a year after the U.S. started. It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in November. For this year, it will fall on 22 November.

So what is the significance of celebrating Grandparents Day? It is to celebrate the bonding of grandparents and grandchildren. In today’s society, not many grandparents are staying under the same roof as their grandchildren. This makes it harder for them to spend time together and bond. If children don’t grow up interacting with their grandparents, it gets tougher for the two different generations to engage in meaningful conversations. Thus, it’s important to have Grandparents Day to remind us to care for our grandparents and to educate our children the same.

Here are 5 simple actions that you can do to make your grandparents happier! These are practical tips to spice up the upcoming Grandparents Day and for daily interactions.

Give them a surprise phone call just to chit chat with them.

It doesn’t matter if the first call was just the standard Q&A’s and with some awkward silences. Try again another day, by preparing some key topics to chat about – questions to ask them, current affairs, world news, personal stories… The conversation will get more natural over time.

Ask them for the best food recommendations

They will never be shy when talking about the best food in town. Get them to describe their favourite food as detailed as possible and they will be craving for it. Then, surprise them by buying the food from the place they recommended. Enjoy a good meal together!

Help to organize their places

It can get tough for seniors to keep their places neat and clean the whole time. Sometimes, they may start hoarding to an unhealthy level. It is good to organize their places together with them by making sure that they will be familiar with the changes. Do look out for their daily household items that are broken or in unhygienic condition. Replace those items and inform them accordingly.

Perform a simple magic trick or share a funny video

A magic trick, a joke, or a funny video – either of these will always help to break the ice. After having a good laugh, you can also teach them how to do the trick and let them try. Take some videos and watch them together to have another good round of laughing.

You can also take nice selfies together and try on funny filters. Help them to set their favourite photo as their phone background image.

Play some oldies songs

Make some guesses of the oldies songs that they may recognize and play them in the background. If they find the tune familiar, they might sing along! Find out more about their favourite songs and play for them. Learn a few verses and sing together.

Little things like those above can really brighten their days and help to bring your relationships closer. Intergenerational engagements have proven to help reduce loneliness among seniors and promote their emotional well-being. This is even more effective when the engagement is with close kins.

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