A Thousand Feelings in a Letter for My Dad

Dear Papa,

For many years, I was not able to celebrate Father’s Day by your side. A phone call may seem enough for you on this day, but I know you would appreciate it more if we are physically there.

How are you? Have you been sleeping well? Have you been eating healthily? Do you drink enough water? Do you do light exercise? Do you rest your eyes after watching the news on TV? I know you will always answer that you are all well and I may sound naggy at times that you would just pass the phone to Mama. Haha, but I just want to make sure! 🙂

Because you rarely tell us anymore when you feel uncomfortable. Physically or emotionally. Unlike when I was a child and you would always tell me that you were having a headache, then asked me to “knock” on your head to make the headache go away. I wished I understood your pain then and I could have given you a whole-hearted head massage instead of literally knocking your head as instructed. Now, I just wish that you could tell us more on how you are feeling everyday instead of enduring the pain and frustration on your own.

What do you like to eat these days? What would you like us to buy for you? Remember our younger days, these are the questions you would ask me when you were traveling or even simply fetching me from school on your bike. I was never shy to tell you the snacks and gifts I want. And you will always try your best to buy them for me. I still vividly remember you bought me a big bag of Skittles candies and I ate half the pack before my older siblings come home.

Skittles myth: Are red, yellow, and green all the same flavor?

Now, I just wish that you could tell me the same – what food are you craving? What can I do for you?

You taught us how to pursue our dreams and be successful. You never scold me for getting second in class. You encouraged me to draw and paint. You bought me new calligraphy brushes every time I complained about the old ones. You collected stones for me when you were gardening and waited for me to come home and paint them. You were proud to see my little artwork.

What about you? What would you like to do these days? What dreams do you have? What hobbies would you like to pick up?

You gave up on your dreams and career to be with your family. You buried your knowledge and expertise for the love of your family. You chose a lifestyle that allows you to sing nursery rhymes for me anytime I asked for it. How can I help you to fulfill your dreams now, Papa?

You love maps and traveling. And you love to tell me stories about places as well. I wish I appreciated them more in the past so that I could remember all of them and bring these places to you again. The current pandemic situation has made traveling the world almost impossible. But let me bring you a whole new experience of traveling the next time I visit you, ok?

Papa, I miss you and Mama so much! Please take good care of yourself as we will do the same. Let’s keep the faith high that we will reunite very soon. For now, I just want to stay connected with you and care for you in every possible means. Love you and Happy Father’s Day!


Your Daughter