Chinese New Year Ang Bao rate – how much should I give my parents?

If you are reading this post, congratulations! Because you have reached the age to give Ang Bao (also known as Ang Pao, Ang Pow, or Red Packet). Giving can be quite a satisfying thing to do, given that you do not overexert your own limit.

We give Ang Bao for many occasions, such as for wedding, birthday, congratulatory event, and especially during Chinese New Year. Giving Ang Bao signifies sharing of your blessings with the recipients. Usually, married couples would give Ang Bao to their juniors. In Singapore and Malaysia, it is also very common for working adults or married couples to give Ang Bao to their seniors, including their parents, grandparents, and some other senior relatives.

How much to give? Calculate with the Ang Bao calculator below.

The closer the person is to you, the more you want to give an appropriate amount to them. Coming out from university and landing on the first job, many young adults would wonder what should be the “market rate” of Ang Bao to give their parents. It’s not only to signify blessings but also as a form of gratitude. This becomes part of “how to adult”.

Based on some surveys and online references, we have developed a simple Ang Bao calculator, especially for our parents.

See some examples below.

Nevertheless, this calculator just serves as a reference. What matters is the sincerity in giving. More importantly, it is about the loves and cares you share with your loved ones throughout the year.

Hold on, what if I can’t give a physical Ang Bao this year? Does it matter if I give an e-Ang Bao?

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