Finding balance in the new age of coliving

With the heightened measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we are now back to the default of working from home after being progressively going back to the office for a few months.

The concept of “co-living” was introduced to our modern world not long before the pandemic started where it was used to describe different people working and living together under the same roof. Little do we know that it would become a new normal for most people now. The highlight to this definition has shifted from “different people with the same purpose” to “working and living at the same place”.

The line between “working” and “living” has become fuzzy with this new concept. Juggling between work and family somehow becomes harder than most would have thought before.

Work vs Family?

What further complicates is the definition of “family”. With debates against the recent letter by a CEO to the employees which stated employees are not family, we started to think about who we should be calling family and what would be the implication.

LinkedIn poll on should we ever call our colleagues family trigger by Shopify CEO letter to employees family vs sports team

While the context of that debate focused on the business, shouldn’t we be also thinking from a relationship angle?

If my company is like my family, should I join that meeting or should I go and prepare a healthy meal for my blood ties family?

Regardless of your answer, we think there should be a balance. Even more during this critical period of time where we should keep a healthy well-being for ourselves and our loved ones.

Tips to find a balance of working and staying at home

Keep a schedule and make time for what matters most.

work from home mom with kid

Work can be tougher during this period of time as financial needs arise. Therefore, it could be easy for us to unknowingly spend too much time on it. Start building discipline to keep a healthy routine and make time for what matters to us aside from work – healthy meals, exercise, family time, and personal time. Not forgetting also, the people who matter to us but not staying with us. Especially if we have senior parents, make it a habit to check in with them to keep their emotional well-being in good shape!

For example, I make it a habit to call my parents before I start work in the morning.

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Set boundaries and manage expectations

work from home mom finding balance at work and family

Setting boundaries for both work and family is crucial so that we don’t get stuck in between and end up burning ourselves out!

Consider questions such as: When must you shut down your work laptop? What are the times where you should make yourself available for different people? What are considered priorities? When should your kids not disturb you unless it’s an emergency? Which routine can be made flexible?

These boundaries should be communicated effectively with the different “stakeholders” both at work and family.

If I am not able to call my parents that morning due to work, I would send them a text so that they do not wait for my call.

Make time for yourself

work from home self care mindfulness meditate

While finding the balance between work and family, never forget to care for yourself too! Practice self-care means caring for your well-being from all aspects – physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Spend some time to practice mindfulness, write a journal, take a stroll in the nearby park, or try a new recipe could be some good ways to relax your mind and body.

Only when you are healthy then you will be able to work well and care for your family.

A family space

The concept of co-living may be limited to a physical space but a family has no boundary. Having a dedicated space for the family not bounded by the physical distance could mean more bonding can be formed.

Amidst your busy schedule at work and social life, coming back to this private space with only people who matter most to you could be just what you need in this new normal.

And this is what we build for you at Simi app.

work from home mom find time with kid

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  1. Well said! I think WFH has allowed me to be more agile with my working hours too. When I have late night meetings, I can spend some time during the day doing other stuff since I’m at home. This would not have been possible when I work in office. But yes, boundaries are so important so that we do not get carried away!