Generations on Exchange (GensXchange)

A unique exchange program for all ages

About the program

Generations on Exchange (in short, GensXchange) is a unique exchange program for all ages* to share life skills, experiences and stories. (*refer guidelines)

We strongly believe that befriending is only meaningful when it’s a two-way engagement, bringing mutual benefits to all parties. Therefore, we started this program to bring seniors, adults, and youths onboard a common digital platform where they can make new friends from a different generation and connect intellectually and emotionally.

Through a 2-week curated program, participants will receive prompts of topics/activities to help them connect and befriend each other via Simi app. After the 2-week program, they can choose to stay in the bubble and continue building friendships.

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How does it work?

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Sign up for the program

Fill in a form with your profile details and your interest areas. 

download simi app

Download the Simi app

[Update 10-10-20] The app has not gone live on the App Store and Play Store. We will share with you the instructions to download the app and sign up for an account. 

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Start connecting

Receive a notification when there is a match based on your selected interest areas. Log in to Simi app and start connecting with your new friends! 

Social interactions made intuitive & meaningful

COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the psychological well-being of many in our society. And that motivated us to build a better digital support system for our community. While many other organizations work on supporting the physical well-being of the vulnerable groups, we look into the psychological aspects, focusing on (but not restrictive to) the 3 key elements below. 

simi app for Emotional wellbeing

Emotional Well-being

One of the feelings many of us are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic is loneliness. The impact of long-term loneliness on mental health can be very hard to manage.

Sometimes, all it takes to make someone’s day is just a simple “how are you?”. Using the Simi app’s mood tracker, you can check in with each other with just a tap.

simi app for social wellbeing

Social Well-being

Making a new friend can already be tough, what more to say a new friend with a common interest during this challenging time!

With this program, we match individuals from different generations but with similar interests in a small group setting, so you can be sure to have lively exchanges!

simi app for intellectual wellbeing

Intellectual Well-being​

We live in an era where we never lack of accessibility to knowledge. But still, nothing beats the experience of interacting with a living library! 

Through GensXchange, you can share skills, experiences and ideas, and gain new perspectives from your new friends of a different generation. 

Program Guidelines

Generations on Exchange program is designed for people who genuinely want to build healthy friendships with others. To protect the interest of all participants, we have set some guidelines as below. 

  1. Recommended age of the participant is above 18 years old. For participants who are below 21 years old, please seek parental consent. 
  2. The program will run on Simi app, with a daily topic to be posted in the app and social media. All conversations and sharing will be kept within the app unless participants give the consent to share their stories as part of the publicity efforts. 
  3. Participants must respect each other’s privacy, i.e. not sharing their conversation and photos to other channels. 
  4. Be respectful and civil to fellow participants at all times. Personal attacks are prohibited.
  5. Please refrain from posting religious, political, sexist, ethnically or racially offensive, or obscene contents. 
  6. Commercial or solicitation postings are not allowed.
  7. A moderator will be in each group and has the right to remove any participant if the participant violates any of the guidelines. 
  8. If a meet-up is suggested by any participant, please inform someone you trust before meeting. 
  9. Do not reveal any sensitive information such as NRIC, password, bank account or credit card number. 
  10. Inform the group admin or Simi team if you sense any suspicious activities or feel uncomfortable with any of the participants. 
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