Practical Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day to Show Your Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

How can we express our love to our dear moms, grandmothers, and aunts who have been showering us with their unconditional love throughout our whole lives? There are many ways to show them we care, as illustrated in the 5 Love Languages for our seniors.

One of the Love Languages is receiving gifts. If one of your mom’s love languages is receiving gifts, then this Mother’s Day is a perfect excuse for you to send her some surprises!

Here are our Top 5 Gift Ideas pick.

5 love languages for senior parent receiving gifts

How to get started on knowing what our parents need?

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1. Home Appliances

Electronics are getting so advanced these days that you can build your own smart home by buying appliances off the shelf.

Is your mother still using the traditional rice cooker? Is she still having to endure the smoke from deep-frying your favourite “sotong” (cuttlefish)? Maybe it’s time for you to introduce her some advanced kitchen appliances that is practical and simple to use. My mom recently love her new electric cooker / steamer which she can just reheat some soup or steam little buns at her convenience.

Don’t forget to help her to set up the appliance and guide her on how to use it. Adoption of new technology does not happen naturally!

2. Mobile Gadgets

When is the last time she upgraded her mobile phone? Is she having issues with the keyboard, volume, or speed of the phone? While she may think that it’s not necessary to change to a new phone as the current one is still usable despite some defects, it may be worth considering the convenience she gets to enjoy if she gets an upgraded gadget. Knowing what she usually likes to do on her phone can also help you decide on the model to get for her.

Most importantly, provide her with a “hyper-care” period by helping her to set up and get used to the new gadget, and make her feel safe using it.

3. Health & Wellness

Some examples of health supplements are vitamins, collagen, birds nest, herbal drinks. Always remember to verify the seller’s source and credibility before buying!

Choosing the right health supplements for our mother requires understanding of her needs. Does she need supplements for her joints, eyes, or digestive system? Does she has any allergy? Will she resist in taking supplements? If so, why?

Those are just some examples of questions to ask yourself before buying the supplements. It’s about buying for her needs and understanding her behavior.

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Apart from supplements, massagers can be a good idea too. And make sure you teach her how to operate them safely!

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4. New Hobbies

Helping our mothers to find new hobbies can be great too. Giving them new “toys” to learn new skills and pass time can help them stay energetic and youthful.

Be it a new cookbook, terrarium, or a camera drone, if you know something that might spark her interest, it’s worth trying to pick up the hobby with her. That will also encourage more quality time with her and even intergenerational bonding with your kids if any.

5. Daily Accessories

Who doesn’t want their mom to look good? Our mothers deserve to be pampered! We can get them new watches, jewellery, beauty & personal care items, and even new pair of shoes.

However, it can be tricky if they have very specific preferences. So, do some homework on observation. Although it’s about the intention of gifting and not about the gifts, it is a great bonus if the gifts are of their very liking!

Also, think about their current conditions. For example, if my mom is still working and she runs sales, though I know that she used to like wearing 3-inch high heels, should I buy her one if I know her knee is not feeling comfortable recently? Another example, should I get her a normal pretty watch or an Apple watch which she can pick up her phone call more easily? If I’m getting her an Apple watch for that purpose, should I get her an Airpod too? Well, the list goes on as we put in more thoughts into making their lives better.

Hope that gives you some good inspiration to get a nice gift for your mother this Mother’s Day! The best gift for her is nonetheless your quality time spent with her and your tender loving care for her.

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