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Women in your life – how can you understand them better?

People say that women are so hard to understand. Women in your life – your mother, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, girlfriend, wife, best friends… how well do you know them?

To build any relationships with anyone, you have to put in efforts. Just like building any business cases, you have to first do an assessment of the current status. So to improve the relationships with the women in your life, you first have to assess how well do you understand them. Where are the gaps? What did you not know about them? Knowing them better is sure going to help to enhance the relationships.

Relationships are built on emotions. But there is no easy way to understand them emotionally, especially women! The first step to knowing them better is to know their daily lives and their preferences. Here are some tips on how to understand our senior parents better, which can also be applied to any relationships practically.

Making an effort to knowing them can be awkward sometimes if you try to be very direct. That’s why a little gamification may help!

This coming International Women’s Day, we put together a simple Simi Game that can help you assess your understanding of the women in your life with some fun and bonding time!

Get the Simi Game – International Women’s Day Edition game deck here.

With each question, take the opportunity to discuss and have a heart-to-heart talk as well. We hope you have fun and get to know each other better at the same time! Let us know in the comment! 😉

How well do you know your partner? Find out by playing the Simi Game for Couples.

Bonding Activities Bonding Tips Understanding Needs

How well do you know your partner? This V-Day, find out by playing the Simi Game for Couples.

Am I the only one who struggles to find the right gift for my partner during Valentine’s Day or other special occasions? Don’t you wish you can subtly do your research of your partner’s preferences before buying your gifts and worrying that your partner may not like it? Of course, it’s the sincerity that counts. Let’s be honest here – giving gifts that your partner says “oh, I love them!” but end up not using them, is kind of sad isn’t it?

If you recall, we have seen some “tragedies” on NUS Whisperers or Mothership that complained about their partners not knowing their preferences well. We may have our own comments about their materialistic mindset. However, it is not the intention of this post to solve their problems.

Building a healthy relationship is about openness in communication. It starts with making an effort to know your partner’s needs (physical, psychological, spiritual…) from their lifestyles, daily routine, preferences, and beliefs.

So, this Valentine’s Day, we prepared a simple “Simi Game – Couple Edition” to spice up our understanding of each other so that we can all be a caring and loving partner. 😉 The game is very easy to play. You need to prepare:

  1. A piece of paper and a pen to record the score of your partner.
  2. Option card A/B. You can print it from the game deck or simply write your own.
  3. The game deck.
  4. [Optional] A soft toy to hit your partner softly if they get a simple question wrong.
simi game for couples example

Get the Simi Game deck here!

Game Rules (Normal):

  1. This is a game to test how well couples know each other in different aspects of life.
  2. This game contains a list of questions with 2 answer options – a or B. Print out 2 sets of the option cards A and B.
  3. Each turn, a player pick a question and flash to the partner player.
  4. The partner player has to guess which answer option would the player choose.
  5. On a count of 1-2-3, both players flash their option card.
  6. If the partner player flashes the same option has the player (i.e. the correct answer), the partner player scores a point.
  7. Repeat and calculate the scores.

Game Rules (Hard):

  1. To make the game even more challenging, try adding the following rules.
  2. Add 2 more options – Both or none.
  3. If both options apply, flash both option cards.
  4. If none applies, don’t flash any card. Shout out the correct answer instead.
  5. Correct answer +1 point. Incorrect answer -1 point. Remain silent 0 point, but can only use this option 3 times.
simi game for couples example
simi game for couples example

The questions in the deck include topics related to food, daily routine, brand preferences, behaviour and so on. They will be updated from time to time! If you have other questions or topics to add, please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook!

Enjoy and let us know how it goes! 😉